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Heinz Cibulka



Text on the action in Long Beach, 2007

Translation: Yvonne Schmickl

Compost is a performance that since the debut in Bologna (Museo dárte moderna), in 1977, has been shown at various venues.

The aim of the performance is to create a poetically structured sculpture out of organic materials following the tempo of a sound poem.

The focal point of the procedure is a centric podium on which the organic material is piled up in fine painteresque layers. The podium is surrounded by baskets and receptacles containing the different materials.

In Bologna, Vienna and Nuremberg the performance was accompanied by a previously recorded analogue sound collage (in cooperation with Raimund Suchanek). Following a score, voices of pigs of different age were contrasted with children’s voices and human screams forming a dialogue pattern.

The sound structure determined my actions when transferring the materials to the podium.

In Lyon the sonorous support was provided by an orchestra formed by a group of motorcyclist. By accelerating and reducing the speed, honking, and turning on and off the headlights following the indications of a conductor, they created the musical sound structure for my actions at the podium.

For a representation in South Korea I developed a collage of Austrian sounds and voices in cooperation with Norbert Math. These were contrasted with similar acoustic elements from South Korea.

In Long Beach/California, in June 2007, a band of three musicians (Clark, Sumako, and Valdez) accompanied and enhanced the performance by playing electro acoustic instruments.

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