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Visually expressive series of black and white photography give way to quad photo compositions, known as picture poems. The early works are inspired by formal aspects as well as by the interest in urban-rural phenomena ("Reizbarkeit- Weinviertel" (Fractiousness – Weinviertel), "Stammersdorf- Essen und Trinken" (Stammersdorf – Eat and Drink), "Most-fühlt” (Grape juice-feeling), "Hochgebirgsquartette" (Alpine Quartettes). The focus in the creation of "Gemischter Satz" (mixed composition) and "Nachlese" (late harvest) lies on locally independent, photographic expressions. When turning to digitally structured images the artist abandons the traditional quad photo composition. Recent image formations involve a wide scope of image groups and sources; fragmentary images, photographic details and structures are merged in order to compose picture plates. These digital image collage complexes are an invitation for the viewer and remain open to individual reception. As this is the case with picture poems, a creative approach to visually composed structures is welcome.

The digital image collages enshrine the poetic concept developed in the picture poems, representing it in a revolutionary way. The first use of the computer for artistic matters dates back to 1993. The photographic series 1-17 Tatsachen (1-17 facts) formed by 17 pictures contains video stills, graphic computer images, and scanned photos. Posterior photo series are: Reizleitung (transmission of stimulations) 1996, jesusche (search for jesus) 1998, mex 1-12 (mex 1-12), 1997, chinoiserien (chinoiserien) 2000, Geschichtes-Gedicht (stratified poem) 2001 in cooperation with Hanno Millesi and alien productions, Weinviertel-Fries-Gemischter Satz (Mixed Composition Weinviertel Frieze) 2001, slow01-08 (slow01-08) 2001, w.i.e.n. (v.i.e.n.n.a), since 2001, korea 01-22 2002; letzebuerg 01-07, 2002; susak 2003; syria 2003/04; obraz 01-33, 2006.

Taking advantage of modern technologies, bruseum 01-20, a photographic portrait of Günter Brus, 2006, was re-composted to form a new picture poem series using a mix of procedures, including analog images and digital photos. When creating the obraz 1-50 picture poems, 2007 the Heinz Cibulka included solely digital material modified at the computer.

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