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Hermann Nitsch


in: Heinz Cibulka . Im Takt von Hell und Dunkel; 2012

after the 'museum nitsch' in mistelbach was founded, it was determined that it is intended exclusively for the care and maintenance of works by nitsch. however, i also left open the possibility that artists whom i greatly admire and who have much to do with my work, may be shown in the museum. i was already thinking of cibulka at that time. for me, he is one of the best photographers in the world, one who captures the essence of the event, of life. furthermore he is a writer, lyric poet, collector of evidence, installation artist, and has an intimate relationship to nature.

cibulka was a congenial passive actor who deeply understood my work. as a result, he became the best documenter of my work. it is with great pleasure that i invite cibulka to exhibit in the nitsch museum, and i congratulate him on his art. his art should present itself broadly and exuberantly. i am glad that i can express my gratitude to him in this way.

Translation: Michael Wetzel

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